Joe Capobianco Loses 100 lbs.

Joe Capobianco Loses 100 lbs.

Joe Capobianco loses 100lbs!

Joe Cappabianco Loses 100 lbs with the Plano Program
A candid interview with Joe Capobianco owner of Hope Gallery and Star of hit TV show Best Ink…

How did you find out about The Plano Program?

I found Marc Plano through a friend of a friend when inquiring about finding a trainer and nutritionist. This friend is also somewhat involved in the fitness industry.

Why did you initially think The Plano Program might be a good fit for you?

Marc came very highly recommended. I felt that after a lifetime of being heavy and unhealthy, a professionals touch was in order…. and with my mind set, I felt that a one on one relationship with Marc’s all-encompassing program was exactly what I needed.

What was your nutrition program like and why do you think you were so successful?

Unlike what most people think when they see a large individual, my daily food routine was not necessarily horrible. I lacked the proper knowledge of why I should eat certain things, and when. Speaking with Marc was a great start, and the food program that he put together for me was concise, and realistic -I think that was the best part of this new eating regimen. It was the beginning of a life change for me.

I truly have been a big person since I was a kid. This wasn’t a dilemma that started happening in my late teens or when I turned 30…..It’s something I’ve dealt with my whole life.

I must also admit to being a fan of fine dining, and libations. I think that I’d be even further along than I am now if I truly just stuck 110% to the program. While I am willing to make this life change, I still enjoy the occasionally night out, and a glass of wine, scotch. I love the fact that The Plano Program taught me how to incorporate the things I love without it setting me back.

I notice when people are compliant with their bi weekly follow-ups the results are measurably better – How important we’re the follow-ups for you?

The follow ups were very important to me. I think just having that little pep talk, and reassurance that I was losing weight, or at least on track was motivating and reassuring. This was a new way of living for me, and incorporating a little of my old life into the new was important to me. These bi weekly coaching sessionshelped keep me in the right direction.

How has your weight loss affected your life?

Honestly, it wasn’t until I started training with Marc that I started feeling different. For me the weight loss was more about getting healthy, and to allow me to feel confident that when I started to work out, I wouldn’t be hurting myself in the process of trying to get healthy, and stronger.

You started personal training After you lost your first 50 lbs – why did u start personal training and how has it helped you?

I felt it was important to lose a bit of weight and get the proper instruction so I did not hurt myself (as I have many back and knee issues). I knew that training was going to be a major factor in getting healthy. My intention is not to use training as a tool for weight loss, but rather to strengthen muscles long unused, and underdeveloped. Marc tailored a program that has greatly improved my mobility, stamina, and even helped strengthen my back, hips, and knees. While I do admit to not feeling wonderful all of the time, my overall physical abilities have dramatically improved since training.

I’m also looking forward to working with Dom for MAT work in the future to help target the issues in my back. The training and MAT complement will help in my profession as a tattoo artist whichusually requires me sitting in a prone position for many hours on end.

What was the biggest thing you learned on your journey?

Well I’ve learned that I still have a long way to go.,,,,,,Obviously my overall diet, do’s, and don’ts. I also now have the confidence that I can be successful with my nutrition and fitness. I’m committed to making this a lifestyle. ….not a diet!

If someone is thinking about starting with The Plano Program but is unsure, any words of encouragement you might give them?

Honestly, just do it. It took me many years to finally make the decision to do this for myself. My biggest regret is that I waited so long. I highly recommend Marc, and his crew. I look forward to many years of getting healthy.

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