Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Is Your Food Making You Sick?

Lifestyle Eating and PerformanceAre you suffering from a stubborn health problem that won’t go away no matter what you try? Or perhaps the medications and treatments you’re taking aren’t actually getting at the root cause of your illness – but you want something that will? If you feel this way, consider these facts:

Medical Research has shown that sensitivities to foods and food chemicals can be involved in a wide array of painful symptoms and chronic health problems.
If foods and additives in your diet are causing your illness, whatever medications you take will ultimately fail because they only mask the symptoms. They don’t treat the underlying cause of the symptoms. And as is too often the case, many medications have side effects that can lead to other health problems.
If food sensitivities are causing your illness and you don’t properly address them, you could easily end up suffering for many years, spending thousands of dollars for treatments that will never work the way you want.

An all-too-common problem Millions of Americans suffer from food sensitivities. Conditions such as:

  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Acid reflux
  • Migraine and other headaches
  • Weight imbalances
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Skin eruptions
  • Brain fog
  • Arthritis
  • Joint Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Autism/ADD

Even so-called “healthy” foods such as salmon, chicken, apples, or garlic can provoke symptoms in sensitive individuals.

The LEAP-MRT is the solution for food sensitivity based illnessMRT Test Reaction Levels

The first thing a food sensitivity sufferer needs to do is identify their trigger foods and food-chemicals. In the past, this has been easier said than done for many reasons: Food sensitivities may be delayed by hours or even days after ingestion. Even if you suspect food sensitivities, would you consider that the headache you have right now was caused by something you ate yesterday?

And often, food sensitivities are dose-related. This means a small or moderate amount of a reactive food may not cause any noticeable symptoms, but a larger amount does. Or perhaps when you eat 2-3 moderately reactive foods at the same time, you get symptoms. But if you ate only one of those foods you wouldn’t. If that wasn’t enough for a challenge, reactive foods vary widely from person to person, even if they have the same symptoms, and there are usually many reactive foods and food-chemicals, not just one or two.

In addition, the most common blood test used to help identify sensitive foods (ELISA IgG) can only detect one lesser kind of sensitivity reaction (Type 3, which covers only about 25% of food sensitivity reactions.) Plus, IgG testing can’t identify reactions to food-chemicals.

Fortunately there’s a program called LEAP that can help you quickly overcome even the most troublesome food sensitivity related problem. LEAP includes a patented blood test called MRT (Mediator Release Test) that accounts for both Type 3 and the more common Type 4 chemicals. This translates into faster and more complete relief for those who test with MRT. In fact, independent studies confirm MRT is the most accurate and most-comprehensive blood test available for food and food-chemical reactions.

The LEAP MRT Test has helped thousands of people across the country turn years of suffering into a bright, happy future, free of the symptoms that once seemed an inescapable part of life. Even world-class athletes have used LEAP to help them be their absolute best.

Take the LEAP MRT 150!

Identify your reactive foods and eliminate them! This simple blood test tests for 120 foods, eight food components, and 22 food chemicals (download list below). Marc will assist you with putting together meal options based on your test results. He will also help you identify foods and supplements containing hidden, reactive chemicals. For example, many clients test reactive to the food chemical PEA, which is a component of aged cheeses, red wines, and chocolate! Not good if you’re a chocoholic or an avid wine and cheeser! Turmeric, a powerful antioxidant and dietary supplement ingredient, is also a common reactive item.

MRT food sensitivity list(PDF)-(click here to see food and chemical list)
* Lab fee is paid directly to Signet Labs upon submitting your kit. Test kit will be shipped to your home or you can pick it up at our office. The test comes with four vials, instructions for blood draw, and pre-paid FedEx mailer.
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*** Insurance CPT code available upon request