Personal Training

Personal Training


At The Plano Program Performance and Nutrition Center all of our trainers have been through the most comprehensive biomechanics course offered in the fitness industry – RTS (Resistance Training Specialist).

The Plano Program believes that PERSONAL training should be just that – PERSONALIZED!

You won’t find our trainers teaching you the latest fad or exercise gimmick – after a comprehensive assessment of your body we will teach you how to exercise with YOUR body with the appropriate forces using the RTS principles listed below.resistance-training-specialist

From aerobics to strength, function to aesthetics, Pilates to powerlifting, stretching to sport specific, all exercise is based upon forces and joints!

The Plano Program RTS trainers specialize in the principles and application of Exercise Mechanics including:

1) MicroProgression®

No matter how fast you want to change, your body can only adapt in microscopic steps at the cellular and chemical level. Therefore progression should be implemented in the smallest reasonable

2) The Functional Continuum®

represents the understanding that every sound exercise fits along a spectrum. Each provides a specific challenge and adaptation/benefit that, when implemented appropriately is vital to a comprehensive exercise program. No exercise should be condemned or glorified. It is when, why, how, and with whom it is used that makes the difference.

3) InTension®

The primary difference between Pilates or yoga and traditional strength training is not the apparatus or the philosophy. Yes, the movements and the loads utilized are typically very different. But it is the neurological intention with which the movements are performed (or lack thereof) that truly separates these activities. We believe that it is time to make ALL exercise mindful instead of mindless.

4)The Exercise Experience™

The skilled manipulation of the variables of Exercise Mechanics and the use of intention-based instructions empower us to create an experiences for our clients’ that they can’t create on their own and won’t find anywhere else.

5) Strategic Resistance™

Strategic manipulation of the resistance at various points in the range of motion is paramount to altering the outcome of the exercise in terms of muscular challenge, motor recruitment, joint forces, and ultimately the exercise experience.