Plano Program Protein

Plano Program Protein

Plano Program Protein

plano-proteinIs all Protein Created Equal? Heck NO! Introducing Plano Program Protein A superior grade, 100% biologically active whey protein powder, made from the milk of grass-fed, chemical free cows rich in CLA and essential fatty acids.

Plano Program Whey Protein is a superior non-denatured whey powder processed by a proprietary low-heat method that retains it’s full biological activity.

Is rich in immunoglubulins(2.4 grams per scoop), special proteins with potent immune enhancing properties.

Also rich in lactoferrin(500mg per scoop), an iron modulating protein with anti-bacterial properties that helps deliver iron to healthy cells while preventing it from being used by pathogens,yeast, or tumor cells.

Contains covalent bonded cysteine, the rate-limiting nutritional precursor to glutathione(the body’s primary endogenous antioxidant), as well as serum albumin and natural growth factors.
An excellent source of branced chain amino acids(BCAA’s) essential for proper protein synthesis, DNA repair, and muscle building.

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