Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition


Learn how to find the underlying causes of:

  • Allergies, acne, and rosacea
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Emotional fragility
  • Headaches and fogginess
  • Indigestion and bloating
  • Inflammation and pain
  • Insomnia and wakefulness
  • Low sex drive
  • PMS, skin, and hair problems
  • Fatigue
  • Weight gain and weight loss

And many other consequences of the chronic stress response!
Do you want to feel great again? Do you want to look younger and live longer?
If you prefer drug-free, natural solutions to health problems
If you’d rather find the underlying cause instead of just treating your symptoms

Functional Labs Assessments Offered at The Plano Program

See Below for an in depth description of each test kit.

Hormones (Adrenal Stress Profiles, Sex Hormones, etc)
Metabolism (Liver Function, Oxidative Stress, Digestion, etc)
Gastrointestinal Testing (Parasites, H. pylori, Candida, etc)
Immunology (Food Allergies, Parasites, Toxic Exposure, etc)
Done through Biohealth Diagnostics (

Then Stop Chasing Symptoms and Get to The Root Cause!

We understand that symptoms must be addressed. You want relief, but you also want to know why you have symptoms and resolve their cause. Our approach is to assess underlying function and discover the root cause of your health problems. This approach leads to long-term resolution of symptoms, not just temporary relief.

We guarantee our program of Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplements – D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success™ – will help get rid of your main complaints and promote a happier, healthier life. This is approach is so successful, it’s now a trademark health system. Once your diagnostics are complete, you’ll find our recommendations easy to follow using this revolutionary approach.

Step 1: Discover Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™

Your main complaints are important. We’ll listen for clues as you share your health history. Based upon those clues, specific diagnostic testing is recommended. The data these cutting-edge tests reveal is then interpreted by Marc Plano.
Like a detective, Marc applies his training, clinical knowledge and experience working with hundreds of clients with similar complaints. No clue may be overlooked.

Unlike some practitioners who simply recommend supplements based on your symptoms (and hope they help), Marc supplies the appropriate tests for you to complete. Blood, saliva, urine and stool testing help you determine what systems or mechanisms are mal-functioning in your body. These mal-functions may not have caused serious disease yet, therefore, they remain undetected by your conventional doctor’s tests. He or she may even tell you that “everything looks normal” on your standard blood panels.

Still, these mal-functions are at the root of your health problems, which will probably get worse. Eventually, you may be diagnosed with a disease or serious condition if you don’t correct the mal-function in time. Step one is to give us your health history and order the appropriate test kits. Call now 1-877-Plano-Plan.

Step 2: Discover our D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success™ Program

Once your history is reviewed and discussed and your labs are properly interpreted, you’ll receive an easy to follow, 3 month (minimum) health plan. Backed by decades of clinical expertise, our treatment plans are individualized to address your unique health needs. All plans include Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction and Supplements.

We call this “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success™” and guarantee it will help you overcome your complaints and return you to better health and wellness. Now is the time to get serious about your health.

You may not be experiencing any obvious symptoms now, but health problems rarely arise overnight. In fact, most are the result of imbalances in the body that have developed over many years. Regardless of whether you have immediate health concerns or wish to prevent future ones, we can help.

Step 3: Follow Your D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success™ protocol for 90 days — and change your life forever!

Make a commitment to your health program. Follow instructions and stick with it. Remember, this is a whole-life approach to health and longevity. The system is proven to work and you’ll love the results you get. We’ll coach you up for the first three weeks, then once a month thereafter. You’ll have plenty of help as long as you are willing to check in and let us know how you are doing. Just use the tools that we give you-that’s all there is to it!


Test Kit #101 – Metabolic Assessment Profile

Test Results Include:
Indican, lipid peroxides & urinary bile acid sulfates (UBAS)
Sample required: 2 test tubes of urine
Lab reporting time: 7 – 10 business days
Lab fee $132 (pay direct to lab when you submit urine specimen)

Digestion and Detoxification

Using the #101 Metabolic Assessment Profile you submit a urine specimen to the lab which measures two important body functions; digestion and detoxification. First, we measure indican, which tells us how well you are digesting and absorbing protein. If you are not breaking down and absorbing protein, you probably aren’t digesting carbs or fats very well either. We also look at lipid peroxides. This measurement tells us if you have excessive oxidative stress in the small intestines. Together, these two markers provide a good look at how well your digestion is working or not working.
Incredibly, the #101 Metabolic Assessment Profile also gives us a direct measurement of the function of your main detoxifying organ, the liver. The higher the Urinary Bile Acid Sulfates (UBAS), the worse the organ is actually doing its job of detoxification. Without proper liver function, we couldn’t expect much results from any protocol and will need to clean up this important function. Common complaints related to improper digestion and detoxification include:

stomach pains/cramps
intestinal pains/cramps
bloating sensation
gas or any kind
nausea, vomiting
painful elimination
food cravings
dark circles
skin conditions

Test Kit #205 – Functional Adrenal Stress Profile, Plus Sex Hormones

Test Results Include:
4 cortisols, 2 DHEAs, 1 estradiol, 1 estriol, 1 testosterone (AM), 1 melatonin (bedtime), 1 progesterone (bedtime)
Sample required: 4 vials with 3 mL each of saliva
Lab reporting time: 7 – 10 business days
Interpretation fee $125
Lab Fee $176 (pay directly to lab when you submit saliva specimens)

Hormone/Immune Function

Using the # 205 Adrenal Stress Profile, Plus V you submit four saliva samples; morning, noon, evening and bedtime. The cortisol and DHEA measurements at these times tell us how well your adrenal glands are functioning. Plus, we look at the main steroidal (sex) hormones, estradiol, estriol, progesterone and testosterone. And we also look at melatonin, the sleep hormone, because one of the most common main complaints is sleep problems. Other complaints that may result from poor adrenal function include:

loss of immunity
disturbed sleep
thinning skin
poor concentration/memory lapses
heart disease/atherosclerosis
hot flashes
night sweats
irregular menstruation
vaginal dryness
painful intercourse
slow healing
reduced libido
unexplained weight gain
loss of appetite/increased appetite
hair loss and dry skin

As we discussed, most conventional/western practitioners focus on the symptoms and try to reduce these with drugs. Likewise, the typical nutritionist usually offers the same type of advice, substituting more natural products like herbs, vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients instead of drugs. However, this approach still fails to address the underlying cause or condition. Therein lies the main difference between allopathic medicine (and allopathic nutrition) and what is called functional medicine. What Reed Davis calls Functional Diagnostic Nutrition™

Test important aspects of your hormone/immune system and learn:

How internal and external stressors fatigue hormones
How the adrenal glands control hormones
How the adrenals, not just ovaries, produce significant levels of sex hormones
How supporting the adrenals often manages the symptoms of menopause, including decreasing hot flashes, normalizing sleep, reducing PMS, headaches and fatigue
How convenient, affordable, reliable saliva testing of hormone levels help you determine safe alternatives to dangerous synthetic and foreign hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

Test Kit #304- Mucosal Barrier Test – Lab Fee $250

The Mucosal Barrier Function test also assesses several important compartments. High and low scores in these compartments indicate abnormal immune/gut function.

Bacterial Group Ratios: Determining the levels and ratios of bacterial groups helps assess digestive and absorptive function. The ratio of anaerobic to aerobic bacteria should be 1:1. When this ratio is imbalanced, dysbiosis (overgrowth of bacteria) is present. Bacteria love inflammation! Viruses produce this inflammation. When one is present, the other is not far behind. Bacterial overgrowth may indicate an infection.

High Protein Markers: The gut is designed to allow nutrients to pass through the mucosal barrier. A permeable gut may allow food particles to pass through, creating an immune response to commonly consumed foods. Your everyday food choices may be initiating an immune response! The LEAP Mediator Release Test (MRT) is highly recommended for those with high dietary protein markers.

High Yeast Markers: Everyone has yeast in their gut! However, a compromised immune system creates an internal environment conducive for Candida overgrowth. Ridding yourself of excess yeast calls for eliminating sugary and fermented foods, and rebuilding the immune system.

All Markers Low: If all of the above markers are low, then the mucosal barrier is totally shut down. All soldiers are down! There is no mucosal immune response to antigens. Intestinal permeability is severe and leaky gut is present.

Strengthening YOUR Mucosal Barrier and Immune System will help relieve:

Frequent bladder, UTI, and sinus infections
Asthma and arthritis
Adrenal Fatigue
Crohn’s and Celiac diseases
Yeast Overgrowth
Food Sensitivities
Ulcerative Colitis
Autoimmune diseases
Chronic fatigue
Joint pain
Much more

Test Kit #401H – Pathogen Screen

Test Results Include:
Ova and parasites such as protozoa, flatworms, or roundworms; immunoglobulin G (IgG) to Cryptosporidium parvum , Entamoeba histolytica , and Giardia lamblia antigens in stool; bacteria, fungi (including yeasts), and occult blood; and Clostridium difficile colitis toxins A and B plus H. Pylori antigen
Sample required: 6 vials and 1 slide with stool samples
Lab reporting time: 7 – 10 business days
Lab Fee $255

This stool analysis determines the presence of ova and parasites such as protozoa, flatworms, or roundworms; immunoglobulin G (IgG) to Cryptosporidium parvum, Entamoeba histolytica, and Giardia lamblia antigens in stool; bacteria, fungi (including yeasts), and occult blood; and Clostridium difficile colitis toxins A and B. Five stool samples and one smear are taken over a four-day period, providing a highly reliable comprehensive analysis of intestinal microflora.
Also: Each stool analysis determines the presence of Helicobactor pylori (H. Pylori) using antibody to antigen on stool. A positive result always indicates active infection.

Causes for concern are both an overgrowth of microorganisms that are normally present in the intestines and the presence of microorganisms that are not normally present in the intestines. Either condition signals that major physiological pathways in the intestinal environment are outside homeostatic limits. Some of the immediate sequelae include adverse alterations in pH, digestion, and absorption. These factors set the stage for further deviations from health, including the retention and proliferation of microorganisms that would be maintained ordinarily at a lower concentration, or would be rapidly expelled. Such conditions can produce anatomic disruption of the intestinal mucosa resulting from the physical infestation of the microorganism, and chemical insult and physiological upset of the mucosa caused by adverse reactions to the metabolic products of the invader. Maldigestion and malabsorption, which in turn causes nutrient and water deprivation, can produce longer-term dysfunction of the host. The insidious nature of this condition is marked by the observation that it can persist subclinically for years, even decades. By the time signs and symptoms become evident, the patient might be suffering severe and extensive underlying pathophysiology.

Even more ominous than a primary infestation is the tendency of invading microorganisms to metamorphosize into various stages, and to migrate to tissues and organs sometimes distant from the gastrointestinal tract. Such stages, including cysts, can remain dormant within tissues, and can be extremely difficult to detect. Discouragingly, the level of difficulty of detection is often directly proportional to the level of difficulty of treatment. These factors underscore the importance of maintaining constant vigilance in controlling the intestinal environment.

Secondary infections, often involving so-called “opportunistic” organisms, can provide evidence of a more deeply rooted, insidious process. One such organism is the yeast Candida albicans, which is implicated in a variety of disorders and has a predilection for virtually any mucous membrane. Often innocuously present in small amounts, it is important not only to control its concentration, but also to correct the causes and the effects of its proliferation.

Several methods can be used to detect intestinal microflora. Direct microscopic examination can reveal the ova and mature forms of parasites; immunological analysis can detect active immunoglobulins to pathogens; chemical analysis can reveal the presence of toxins and occult blood. All three methods are used in the GI Pathogen Screen (BHD #401). Varying fecal transit times and the natural cycling of parasites through their successive stages mandate a sufficiently large group of samples to provide a representative profile; samples taken on four days are used in this screen.

Clinical Use
Optimal intestinal health is a prerequisite for most body physiology. The functions of digestion and absorption are so fundamental to the maintenance of homeostasis in metabolism that every physiological process is ultimately dependent upon the intestines. Suboptimal intestinal function can be either a basic cause of or a substantial contributor to a variety of disorders, some of which may have seemingly little or no obvious clinical correlation to intestinal physiology. This reliable intestinal microflora screen documents parasitic and pathogenic involvement that can interfere with intestinal function.

Conditions Assessed
Conditions that may be assessed include suspected parasitic or pathogen infection, maldigestion, malabsorption and pathologies caused by infectious agents.

Logical Sequence of Testing
The logical sequence of using this test as an initial or a follow-up test is determined by a variety of individual considerations, including the patient’s chief complaint, the array of signs and symptoms, the chronicity of the condition, the tests previously taken, and the judgment of your practitioner.

Typical Feedback using FDN protocols:

“You will be happy to know that I and the school teachers have seen a great improvement in (my son’s) behavior”

Deborah P.

“I’ve got so much more energy now. People at work are telling me I look great, my eyes are clear, my periods have returned to normal. It’s just amazing, the difference”

E. Rodriguez

“My energy level is back to normal. I can eat now without getting bloated and I’m back to exercising like I’ve always wanted to do but was too tired. Thank you so much for your help”

E. Kaplan

“I noticed a big difference after the first month of the adrenal protocol. Now I’m almost completely back to being my old self. My husband says to keep it up, he likes me much better this way”

L. Yeh